The Menin Douro Estates winery has been in operation since 2021. It will open to the public in 2023.

This four-storey building, part of which is underground, rises in Quinta da Costa de Cima, where it works by gravity in accordance with the tradition of the old Douro wineries. Its contemporary architecture combines harmoniously with the existing buildings and the landscape of the Quinta.

Equipped with advanced winemaking technology, it has an installed capacity for the production of 400,000 bottles per year.

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At Menin Douro Estates we use the most modern technologies in viticulture and enology. In addition to the immense initial reconversion work of 14ha, in 2018/2019, there is a permanent effort to recover the oldest vineyards. At the same time, the annual budbreak is strictly controlled in order to allow a high concentration in each vine, at the expense of a significantly lower production, naturally privileging quality.

The new winery was designed to work by gravity, avoiding pumps and protecting the potential of the wine, and is equipped with the most advanced winemaking equipment, without giving up traditional methods such as treading presses. It is an iconic building, which began to vinify in 2021.